Xelandra the Druid

Xel the Druid

Game: WoW Classic
Server: Myzrael [US]
Class: Druid (shocking eh?)
Professions: Herb / Alchemy
Spec: Resto


Xel’s Spec

About Xel

I am an Introvert – I am brutally honest – I heal Gnomes


  • Coffee
  • Coke Zero
  • Most Alcohol
  • Dogs
  • Gaming
  • Web Tech & Analytics
  • Honest People
  • Laidback People
  • People who aren’t on my dislike list


  • Adulting
  • Bots
  • Farming
  • Arrogant People
  • Loud People
  • Stupid People
  • People who stand in fire
  • People who stand on NPCs
  • People who think they are smarter than I am. (Because they usually aren’t) JK 😛